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Risk Warning Statement

By signing up to this platform you are not signing up for any investments or promotions you are agreeing to be contacted by the Investment Tribe Team.


Diversification is a key component of investing. To mitigate overall risk, spread your funds across various investments. However, it won’t eliminate all risk types. Invest a portion of your available funds with Investment Tribe, balancing this with safer, more liquid investments.

Research Responsibility

We supply company incorporation documents and relevant key information. We strongly urge conducting your due diligence on pitches and proposed documents to ascertain associated risks.

Property Risks

Property prices may fluctuate. All figures, rates, and yields are merely projections and should not be relied upon. Investment Tribe offerings are available to specified persons able to understand the risks. Investing in a residential property directly carries similar risks to our platform, with some additional risks due to the lack of control over decisions and exit timing. We advise diversifying your investments across multiple properties to safeguard against excessive exposure.

Variable Income

While Investment Tribe provides gross and net rental income estimates, these aren’t guaranteed. Rents may be lower or cease altogether during certain periods.

Equity or Fund Risks

Investing in a fund may diversify your investments but risks persist. Specific risks related to individual investments are outlined on the applicable fund page. Investing in property and unlisted shares involves risk and you may not receive anticipated returns and your capital may be at risk.

Investing in Start-ups

Investing in start-ups carries risks including illiquidity, potential lack of dividends, loss of investment, and dilution. You should invest relatively small amounts in multiple companies. This doesn’t constitute investment advice.

Investment Resulting in a Company

Investing via our site will result in your investment in a company created solely for holding an asset’s legal title. You will receive beneficial ownership of shares subject to the company’s articles of association available on the platform.

Loss of Investment or Tax Relief

You may lose all or part of your investment. Invest only what you’re willing to lose and diversify to spread risk. Tax relief may be lost due to personal circumstances or a company’s activities.


Investment Tribe doesn’t have a functioning liquid secondary market for trading investments. Any investment made is for the long term and may not be able to be prematurely cashed in.


Not all funds listed will provide dividends. The financial objectives vary per fund and will be outlined in the specific key information document. Dividends are discretionary payments and are not guaranteed.

Asset Prices

Asset prices fluctuate and are influenced by numerous factors outside our control. By investing, you acknowledge potential losses if asset prices fall.

Third Parties

Investment Tribe relies on third-party services. If they cease trading, it can impact user experience and investment returns.